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Las Vegas To Build $4 Billion USD Arena in Hopes To Get an NBA Franchise

Las Vegas To Build $4 Billion USD Arena in Hopes To Get an NBA Franchise

All Net Resort and Arena are set to break ground in Las Vegas this October.

It comes as no surprise that the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas is vying for a chance to expand its offering. Just last month, the NBA was considering on expanding its league to include other cities, with Seattle and Las Vegas at the forefront of being considered as the next NBA cities.

Former UNLV basketball star, Jacie Robinson is set to help break ground on the new entertainment complex, All Net Resort and Arena. The project has an approximate cost of $4 billion USD and is expected to host 23,000 seats. The sporting arena will feature a retractable roof and the surrounding complex will feature two hotels and a theater. Robinson confirmed to 8 News Now, “Would we like to have an NBA team? Absolutely. But, would we be deterred if we don’t? No.”

Comcast is also amongst one of the major investors to help finance the $4 billion USD project. Robinson added, “They’re a large producer of content. They own Universal. They own NBC. They manage 250 arenas around the world. They’re going to book it. They’re going to market it.”

The ground for the All Net site is set to break this coming October.

Source: Las Vegas $4 Billion USD Arena For NBA Franchise | HYPEBEAST